Kievskiy Bread

Kievskiy Bread is a distinctive product created by the Chef Denis Komarenko. It took two years to develop the recipe of Kievskiy Bread, during this period a unique technology of dough preparation and baking was developed, rare sorts of grain were ferreted out and gathered up to grow the leaven and create the special flour blend. We proudly name Kievskiy Bread “the handcrafted”, cause it is really handmade and as a result obtains matchless characteristics due to unique compounds.

Kievskiy Bread has incomparable taste and aroma. Any dish becomes tastier with it.
And everyone who has ever tasted our bread knows it!


The idea of Kievskiy Bread emerged as a desire to create a healthy food. Bread artisan sourdough does not contain thermophile yeasts generally used in bakery and this is the core of recipe. It is undergone that such kind of yeasts is badly endured by human body and badly affects ingestion in common.

The nature of flour is very important, especially the blend of grains as far as it is a foretaste. Quality and features of blend’s grains are essential. The blend of Kievskiy Bread is the best mixture of soft and solid sorts of wheat with enhancement of whole-grain spelt. The special flour blend turns Kievskiy Bread into a valuable and exclusive source of vitamins, minerals and beneficial carbohydrates. It contains fiber and all essential amino acids. Any person is fully charged by necessary microelements when using Kievskiy Bread regularly.

We are pleased to share our unrepeatable product with You. It is a basis of any cuisine. It is known that children like bread the most, we can make the right choice for them together to fill with health each cell of the growing organisms.

The best way to keep Kievskiy Bread

The bread is well kept in a dry place at temperatures up to 25°С in its original packaging or in closed containers, in breadbaskets, in bag.

How long Kievskiy Bread can be used

With proving careful storage, the bread can be consumed within 7-10 days . After 2-3 days of storage the bread is especially good for making toasts. You can make bread slightly moisten in case it dried and put it to the oven or in a pan.

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The process of making bread

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For each type of Kievskiy Bread it is chosen special blend of flour with soft and hard grain wheat with including wheat grain spelled.

The leaven grows on the base of chosen blending flour and water.

The four basic ingredients of Kievskiy Bread are water yeast flour and salt.

The dough is prepared on this base.

Prepared dough goes in process of rest and oxygenating then comes the process of bread formation. After this the dough keeps in swing baskets during 8 hours.

Then the bread is baked in hearth oven.